Prva nagrada 2017. - 1st Prize 2017.

Robert Atanasovski, AFP - “Šarena revolucija” (“Colored revolution”)

Druga nagrada 2017. – 2nd Prize 2017.

Mitar Mitrović, Ringier axel Springer - “Kupanje” (“Washing”)

Treća nagrada 2017. – 3rd Prize 2017.

Vladimir Živojinović, Ringier axel Springer - “Dimitrije Tucović”

Nagrada publike 2017. - Audience Award 2017.

Bernard Čović, Glas Koncila - “Vratio se Leopold” (“Leopold is back”)



Prizes Awarded in BETA’s Photograph of the Year Competition

The first prize of this year’s BETA’s Photograph of the Year competition went to AFP photoreporter Robert Atanasovski for the picture titled “Colored Revolution.”

The second and third prizes went to Ringier Axel Springer’s photoreporters Mitar Mitrovic and Vladimir Zivojinovic, respectively, to Mitrovic for the picture titled “Washing” and to Zivojinovic for the photo titled “Dimitrije Tucovic.”

The public’s choice was Glas Koncila photoreporter Bernard Covic’s picture “Leopold Is Back,” which won its author a Sony camera.

At the exhibition that opened on June 15 in Dorcol Platz in Belgrade 46 pictures are presented, as a selection from 300 works sent in by 76 photographers from eight European countries.

The 14th consecutive BETA’s Photograph of the Year competition and related events were supported by the Posta Srbije, Bambi, Knjaz Milos, Imlek and Sony companies and Hotel Bohemian.

BETA’s Photograph of the Year is the only international competition for the best news photograph in South East Europe. So far 1,273 photographers with 5,590 pictures have taken part in this event.